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Our Why

A national survey conducted by Care Net found that nearly 4 in 10 women who have had abortions were regularly attending church at the time they aborted. With this considered, the number of people related to one aborted child – mother, father, grandparents, extended family members, we can confidently say that most everyone in the church is directly related to an aborted child.

Christian churches in America have been intimately involved with helping people and communities. Food pantries and clothing closets for the poor, shelters for the homeless, marriage & parenting classes for struggling families, drug and alcohol programs for the addicted are ongoing ministries in many of our churches. But yet many churches remain silent about abortion. And for the few that do engage in Sanctity of Life Sunday, prolife prayer walks, and even abortion clinic sidewalk counseling, few churches have built programs dedicated to helping men and women navigate through one of the most painful life experiences they’ve had, the aftermath of abortion. 

To lead the culture out of the darkness of abortion we must first lead the Christians out of their internal darkness.

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